“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.” — Elsie de Wolfe

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Art of Tripping Over Beauty

"October walked into my room unnoticed, and it is only now weeks later, that I see her sitting quietly in the corner wearing her faded green dress. The copper lights are already beginning to shine in her hair and I felt the subtle chill in the breeze as she opened her mouth and called out my name."

I have long been a believer that beauty and art is everywhere if only you get used to looking for it. I have trained myself that well that I can't go anywhere without tripping over it! I see art in the most unlikely of places, and I must admit it slows my journeys down as I stop in the middle of the street to ooh and aah over something. Nature always does it to me and colours have been known to literally take my breath away, there's always something interesting to see. :-)

Here are a random selection of photos and words from my world this week. . .

I leave water out for our resident hedgehog though Sammy can't resist a drink.

"The constant trees beyond my window,
stately stood against the sky.
Clouds adorned with whirling jackdaws.
How I wish that I could fly."

"All it takes is a tiny shift in awareness and you will see it,
opened up there before you.
The world is awash with beauty."

Pruning. . .

I have been cutting out dead wood,
pulling out all that is dry and rotten.

Some pieces crumble in my hand,
some need a sharp blade, to cut
through wiry sinews.

I am letting in air and light,
penetrating the dark centre.

Branches, weaved and twisted.
They've been cocooned that long
they have forgotten how to breathe.

My fingers are creating space,
leaving only what is good wood.

Hands cut and scraped,
I step back and observe
the transformation.

A deep breath.
My work is done.

See - art everywhere!

I hope your week has been a happy one! :-)

Thought of the week
"You can tell more about a person by what he says about others
than you can by what others say about him." - Leo Aikman

I am linking this post to week 57 of I Saw Sunday

Images and words - Susannah Bec


Barb said...

Your Zing poetry goes beautifully with your fall photos. You've shown us October's magic.

Hazel said...

What a beautiful selection of art shots. I love your poetic thoughts on October; lovely verbal painting.

earlybird said...

There are some lovely photos here, Susannah. Well observed! Goodness that grey (rain-filled?) sky looked threatening and I really liked the rock/fern ones.

There are always things to see differently - one just has to look.

vivinfrance said...

A fascinating collection of words and images. I particularly liked the lichens and ferns. Did you know that that very small leaved fern soothes a sore throat. Strip the little leaves from the stems and use like tea leaves to make a gargle. The taste is very bitter, so I usually add honey.

Elizabeth said...

I love your words and view on the world. You look for art and you find it all around you. I feel and do the same. And the world often leaves me breathless. Love the poetics you interspersed with the photos. Engaging,


Susannah said...

Barb, thanks very much. :-) It is good to have you visit here. x

Hazel, thanks for your lovely comment, much appreciated. x

Earlybird, yes that sky was absolutely full of it! I saw it through the window and had to go outside and take a picture. :-)

Viv, that is really interesting about the fern and sore throats. How did you first come across that remedy?

Elizabeth, I am glad that you see the 'art and beauty' everywhere too. :-)

Thanks for visiting all of you, it is always wonderful to see you. x

Jennifer said...

My friend, it's been too long (again) but you know, I get back and find you writing so beautifully, at the beginning (Zing quote) and at the end. I love visiting you and your world, and I'm sorry I don't show it often enough.

Susannah said...

Thanks Jennifer, it is always wonderful to see you. :-) x

Jinksy said...

You do know how to keep a camera busy and satisfied at the same time! LOL. Paving slab prettiness is often worth close study.♥

Susannah said...

Thanks Jinksy. :-) Good to see you. x


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