“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.” — Elsie de Wolfe

Saturday, 31 December 2011

2012 - A New Year Begins!

"For all those years you've protected the seed.
It's time to become the beautiful flower."
- Stephen C. Paul

I really appreciate the lovely people that I have met through the wonders of blogging.
I hope 2012 is full of good things for you. - Susannah x

I wish you sunlight and green spaces. . .

Time to reflect and notice the beauty. . .

Interesting doorways to explore. . .

Strong deep roots to anchor you . . .

"Walking, I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me.
Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands."
- Linda Hogan

And the chance to soar. . .

A Note to my Soul

Shine from me and fill my world with light.
Let love, compassion, and all good things
radiate outward from my core.

Let me seek evolution, whilst trusting
the goodness of universal love.

Let my life be a mirror,
to the beauty of all that is.

Let me transform, and purify, and make whole.

Let me be aware.
Right here - Right now.

Let me align with my highest vision,
and join hands with my very soul.

Let me live with love,
and the deepest of understanding.

- SB

Be all that you can be!

Good health, peace, happiness and much joy to you all.
It is a pleasure to share this space with you.

Lots of love - Susannah x

Thought of the week
"Optimism is joyful searching; pessimism is a prison of fear and a clutching at illusionary safety." - Kathleen A. Brehony

I am linking this post to week 68 of I Saw Sunday
Images - Susannah Bec


jabblog said...

'Be all that you can be' - wonderful wish:-)

Happy 2012 to you and yours:-)

vivinfrance said...

A wonderful, uplifting post - poetry and pictures. That diver sculpture is fabulous.

Gemma Wiseman said...

O I love this post! The words accompanying each image are so inspiring! Your wander through the beauty of the outdoors reminds us to notice the beauty that waits there!

Happiest New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

i love the pictures, and that almost seems like a prayer

Anonymous said...

thank you so much. wonderful wishes. I´m hoping for new roots. and soaring at the same time :)

all the best to you for 2012. I hope it´s going to be a great one!!!


Morvah said...

The pleasure is all ours Susannah ~ what a beautiful post to begin a new year~ thank you from the bottom of my heart, so very glad to have met you ! xxx

Harry Nicholson said...

That is a song in pictures and verse. It is the best of sentiments.

ps in reply to your message on my blog:

Hello, Susannah. It is better (unless we live close) to get 'Tom Fleck' from Amazon. It is discounted and post free (with supersaver). Also every sale at Amazon boosts its profile for the search engines and the 'Amazon algorithms' get adjusted.

Paul Andrew Russell said...

Happy New Year, Susannah. All the best for 2012. I hope you and yours have a good one. :-)

Barb said...

Your poem is wonderful, Susannah - echoes my hopes, too. I came by to wish you many good things in 2012. I see you're well on your way!

Susan said...

Happy New Year!

I particularly enjoyed the photos of nature.

Jennifer said...

Beautifully expressed - in words and photos.

Happy New Year to you and yours Susannah, and I'm looking forward to many more posts from both of us in 2012.


Susannah said...

Thanks very very much everyone. :-)

It is always good to see you all and such a pleasure to share this space with you.

Much love
Susannah x

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you!

teri said...

Arriving late - but grateful for the lovely words and images. A bright and happy new year to you!

Susannah said...

Scott, brilliant to see you here! Happy new year to you all. x

Teri, thankyou. :-) Happy new year to you too. x

icyhighs said...

Not a nature person at all, and in one of those determined-to-be-depressed frames of mind; yet somehow that made me smile in remembrance of summers past and sunshine lost.

Susannah said...

Good to meet you icyhighs, and I'm glad that my pictures made you smile. :-)

Anonymous said...

I wish you all those beautiful wishes and more. The sunlight and green spaces has struck a chord with me. Makes me think of Wordsworth. Happy 2012!!!

Susannah said...

Thank you Selma. It is always wonderful to see you here. x


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