“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.” — Elsie de Wolfe

Sunday, 18 March 2012

As The Light Grows. . .

"Today the sun shone, huge sweeping golden beams - filling my room and leaving
no space for me inside. I put on my shoes and stepped outside, just in time
to join spring as she arrived in my garden..."

Tiny Green Shoots

Waking dreams
t r i c k l e
down my spine
I shiver in anticipation
as the light grows around me

It makes no sense
my intellect can not hold
this slippery thing that slides
away from my grasping mind.

My heart welcomes the onslaught
open - willing - filled to the brim

my cup
o v e r f l o w s

and I spill myself

soaking into the rich red earth

I water the seeds
scattered so long ago.

One by one
tiny green shoots
break the ground around my feet
quickly spiralling upward toward the encompassing light.
- sb

Hope you have all had a good week!

. . . and a very happy mothers day to all you mums out there
(whether you are mum to four leggeds or two leggeds - have a wonderful day!) x

And a really special wish to my own beautiful mum!
Happy mothers day mum - I love you. xxx

Thought of the week

"Detachment from worldly desires is not that you should own nothing,
but that nothing should own you." - Imam Ali

Images and words - Susannah Bec


Anonymous said...

great post. love the pics, love your words, love the quote at the end.

happy sunday!!

Susannah said...

Thanks Petra, and a very happy sunday to you too. x

Good to see you.

Mystic Meandering said...

De-Lightfully Beautiful! Love your poem. I feel it! It lights me up :) Nice quote at the end too... All beauteousness pouring out filling every crack and crevice ~~~~~

Mother's Day!? Wow - We don't celebrate it here until May... :)

Have a good one! Christine

Morvah said...

Beautiful Susannah! It has been a long and strange winter hasn't it? Still rather cold here for Cornwall and although we've been surrounded by fields of daffodils for months now, we've yet to feel that first real spring day. Plenty of work to do in the garden though so cold or not,it's time to get going again! Have a lovely week M x

Barb said...

The poem is so apt - some things can only be felt through the emotions, not the intellect. I'm also enjoying your blooms since it's snowing today in Breckenridge.

Ellen said...

Beautiful beautiful words. I could really feel them. Happy spring. Photos are so very beautiful.

jabblog said...

Spring is stepping out in her favourite colours of green, yellow and pink.

Susannah said...

Good to see you all. . . and thank you. x

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous photos - oh how I yearn for colour this time of year. Even more beautiful poem! Well done.

Susannah said...

Good to see you Jenn, and thank you. x


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