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Monday, 19 July 2010

Moths, Twitter and Synchronicity

A few days ago I was sitting at my computer when Joe came in with coffee for us both, he sat himself down on the sofa beside my desk and we started chatting. Then from out of nowhere two small moths appeared and started fluttering around his head. We valiantly tried to continue with the conversation despite the fluttering of the moths.

Where on earth did they come from! he said, and I as quick as a flash said - you must have opened your wallet! Now I know this is an old joke and forgive me for cracking it, especially as it is so out of character for me. :-)
Joe looked puzzled, both by the sudden moth invasion and my out of character reply.

I then turned my attention back to my screen and refreshed my tweet stream and there was this . . .
Q: What’s in your wallet?” A: Moths.
A friend had tweeted it at the very moment it was happening! It gave me the shivers. Now what on earth is happening there?

Have you ever had things like that happen?


Me said...

Yes, it happens all of the time with people that I have a connection with. I am still confused as to whether I am sending or receiving, or if it is something different. It happens so much that I don't even mention it that much, as for some reason to me it feels like I am bragging in some way. I am glad that you brought it up though, and I will attempt to do the same more, because when it is brought up by the other person it helps to reinforce, or to acknowledge the synchronicity. It is important to acknowledge the magic in our lives.

Paul Andrew Russell said...

It's very weird when it happens; makes you think there's more to this life thing than we could ever know.

Susannah said...

Hi 'Me' :-)

I like what you say about the fact that it is important to acknowledge the magic in our lives - I wholeheartedly agree!

It has often happened to me too, especially, as you say, with people I have a connection to - but this spooked me! I think because, it is usually words, songs or feelings that I pick up, but the 'actual' moths were what made this stand out!

If I had just said it and then saw your tweet I would have thought that I had picked it up from you, but the moths seemingly came from nowhere!

Now that was a step beyond the usual 'same wavelength' stuff!

Joe and I sat there trying to make sense of it - but gave up in the end! lol

Susannah said...

Paul - I am absolutely sure that there is more to life that we could ever know! ;-)

Good to see you.

Jennifer said...

My daughter would call this a "celestine moment." I couldn't get through The Celestine Prophesy myself, but I liked its premise that these coincidences are magic, and that we should pay attention to them because its the universe trying to tell us something.

Not sure what the moths mean though! haha

Barbara Scully said...

ha ha... thats a great story. Poos Joe though - he must have really felt the Universe was shouting at him! I love when amazing things like that happen

Susannah said...

Hi Jennifer - yep definitely a 'celestine moment'!

Barbara - yes, I love amazing things like that too! I wonder how many pass by unnoticed?


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