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Monday, 30 August 2010

I am sure I would never believe it !

Just 26 letters . . .

A b C d E f G h I J k L m N o P Q r S t U v W x Y Z

If you didn't know that all the books that had ever been written, and all the words that had ever been spoken in the English language had been made up of just 26 letters would you believe it?

If you had no knowledge of it and someone handed you a puzzle with 26 pieces and told you that you could combine them to create everything you had ever read or spoken. In fact anything that billions of people had ever read, written or spoken wouldn't you be totally, absolutely, awestruck!

I don't know why this had never dawned on me before. I mean, of course I knew it intellectually, but the actual realization, the moment when I really thought about it, totally astounded me!

So, I thought I would use those 26 letters to see if it had ever struck you like that too! :-)


Ann said...

It is truly magic. Only 26!

Susannah said...

It is isn't it! :-)

Good to see you again Ann.

doris said...

hmmmm... well... when i really think about it.. and also think that german language also has only 26...wow..blessings:-)

Susannah said...

Hi Doris, yes german too! I am still amazed!

Good to meet you and thanks very much for visiting. :-)

Barbara Scully said...

Makes you realise how much the odds are stacked against you ever winning the Lotto dont it???

Nice post Susannah!

Jennifer said...

Now it does!

tamara hellgren said...

I'd never thought about it that way before... and I realized that with only 26 letters, you'd think misspellings would be rare! We humans are nothing if not inventive!


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