“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.” — Elsie de Wolfe

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Buddha, Bluebells and a Beautiful Sky. . .

"Lilac grows up into the endless blue of the sky - a splash of colour added
to the vast palette of greens. Jackdaw on the fence post, his pale
blue eyes a flash a silver among the shadows and sunlight."
- My Name is ZING

A week of blazing sunshine and warm temperatures. In my garden there were bluebells . . .

. . . and buddha was meditating among the greenery.

There were splashes of this wonderful pink . . .

and sunlight and shadow playing among the bluebells.

Then while I was waiting in the car park of a DIY warehouse
I looked up and was held spellbound by this beautiful sky!

I hope your week has been a good one. x

Thought of the week
"If you can’t fight, and you can’t flee, flow." - Robert Eliot

I am linking this post to week 32 of I Saw Sunday


Deborah said...

Beautiful pictures! :o)

earlybird said...

Bluebells... I love bluebells... we don't get them here at all. Have a good week, Susannah.

jabblog said...

We have had beautiful weather recently, haven't we? We had thunderstorms last night and today the air feels wonderfully fresh.

Susannah said...

Thanks Deborah. x

earlybird, no bluebells! oh dear. Well at least you have your lovely roses. :-)

jabblog, we were waiting for the predicted thunderstorms but didn't get any here. Cooler today but still no rain.

Good to see you all, enjoy your weekend and have a great week. x

Jordan said...

How pretty!! Wonderful picture! <3

Happy Easter! :)


Harry Nicholson said...

The Buddha sits in my garden too - I often sit beside him.
Sometimes I have a gin and tonic in my hand, and I wonder if he minds.

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful photos, so full of living color,


Susannah said...

Jordan, hi, it is good to see you. Happy easter to you too, thanks for dropping in. :-)

Harry, I am sure the Buddha doesn't mind, I bet he appreciates your company. :-) Good to see you.

Elizabeth, thank you. :-)
Good to see you. x

Anonymous said...

The bluebells are so lovely. I always think of fairyland when I see them. And that sky? Stunning. I could look at it for ages!

Paul Andrew Russell said...

Beautiful photos, Susannah.

Barbara Scully said...

I love stopping by to spend some time in your garden Susannah... looking gorgeous as usual.

Morvah said...

Hi Susannah, I .came to you via AliceStrology and I'm delighted to find such a beautiful space here. Thank you, if I may, I will pass this way again

Susannah said...

Hi Selma, yes bluebells are beautiful and I am with you on the fairyland thing. :-)

Thanks for popping in it is always good to see you. x

Paul, thank you. Good to see you. :-)

Barbara, so nice to see you here. You are always welcome in my garden any time. :-)

Morvah, It is really good to meet you. Thanks for popping in, I hope you'll visit again. :-)
(I see from your profile that you live in one of my favourite places!)

Have a wonderful week all of you. x

Anonymous said...

Blue bells and Buddha, must be a universal consciousness theme.
and peaceful...

Jennifer said...

I love to hang out in your garden Susannah! LOVE the sky shot.

Susannah said...

Illuminary, yes! ;-) Thanks for popping in, it is good to see you.

Jennifer, I love you hanging out in my garden. :-) Yes, isn't that sky wonderful! Thanks for popping in, it is always good to see you. x

Nilofer said...

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