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Sunday, 26 September 2010

I Saw Sunday - Week 2 - a random assortment of things seen this week

Well, as my lovely sister Deborah is joining in this week it means I am not on my own with I Saw Sunday. Thanks Deb! (I got her blogging at the beginning of August after trying to persuade her for ages, she finally relented and loves it!)

Do check out her great post at The Caterpillar Uprising and read what she saw this week!... say hello and tell her I sent you. :-)

So here are a random assortment of things I saw this week. . .

  • A Blackbird without a golden beak! I was unsettled and amazed until I looked it up and found that young male blackirds don't get their characteristic yellow gold beak until they are older. Thank goodness for that! He had me worried.

  • A huge Heron sitting in a tree while Canada geese splashed in the lake beneath him.

  • I was sitting in the doctors waiting room and as usual all was silent until the young child gripping the table holding the magazines yelled. . . Mum. . . Poo!

    I stared, expecting the mother to grab her hand and whisk her off to the toilet

    . . . then I noticed the childs look of concentration

    . . . the red face

    . . . and the nappy

    and knew it was too late!

What did you see this week?

If you would like to join us we would love you to join in with I Saw Sunday - leave a comment and let me know. :-)


Deborah said...

LOL!!! ... the doctors waiting room is hysterical!
I only saw a couple of things I noted this week but I'll keep my eyes peeled this week for next Sunday :o) x

Susannah said...

It was! you should have been there. :-)

It's great to have you joining in...love ya! x


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