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Sunday, 3 October 2010

This week - Week 3 of I Saw Sunday - random things seen this week

This week is week three of I Saw Sunday. It is great fun keeping my eyes open for things to post here on a Sunday morning, though it still looks as though it is still just me and my lovely sister playing, so if anyone would like to join in please do and leave your link to your blog post in the comments. :-)

  • Yesterday as we were driving through the country roads near our home we came upon a magical sight. The hedgerows were festooned with beautiful spiders webs, highlighted by the dew and the wonderful morning light. There were hundreds and hundreds of them and they were a breathtaking sight! Then Joe said in one of his rare but brilliant poetic moments....they are like Natures doilies! yep they were, a brilliant observation!

  • Next we were driving back on the same trip when from out of the sky, pouring from a passing plane came loads of twirling men dangling from parachutes. We watched as they twirled and fell - their distinctive movement reminding me of seeds spinning as they fell from trees. We watched the brightly coloured man seeds make their way safely down to the ground.

  • Early evening light and there in the goal posts of the pocket park I can see from my kitchen window, a calm, pretty little Muntjac deer is grazing.

  • Turning on the bathroom light and finding Sammy curled up in the sink, he wakes up purring at me and blinking at the light (I love how his tail drapes so beautifully over the edge of the sink) He is the only one of our three cats who shows any interest in sinks and water, he is quite obsessed with both.

Head over and read Deborahs I Saw Sunday ---> here at her blog The Caterpiller Uprising.
Also joining us this week is Elizabeth - Visit her ----> here at her blog Unravelling.

So, what did you see this week?
Will you join us next week?

** NEWS: I have just set up a new I saw Sunday blog complete with a Mr Linky! It would be great if you would join us over there next Sunday and share what you saw this week! - Hope to see you there - Susannah :-)


Deborah said...

I loved reading them all ... but I sooo loved seeing Sammy in the sink!! :o) LOL ... that's just fantastic!!

Susannah said...

Yes, he looks great doesn't he! lol

I will have to get a photo of him all tucked up in there, he fits it so well.

I used this photo for inspiration and wrote about it here for the Sundaty 160...
My 160 - His First Time.

Susannah said...

Sundaty? I love typos, they create some great new words. lol


Elizabeth said...

I put up my first post for I Saw Sunday...



Susannah said...

Thanks Elizabeth, great to have you on board. :-)


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