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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Holly and Enid Blyton

Just a few of the things I noticed this week...

I saw the first ground frost here, as I awoke to a silvery sheen over the grass beyond my garden. The birds have been flocking to my bird table with the colder morning and the days have been crisp, sunny and bright.

While we were out the other day, we parked right next to a wonderful holly bush full of the most intense red berries, it looked so striking against the rich green of the leaves.

As I sat waiting in the car (next to the holly bush) I was looking at the tree trunk and greenery in front of me when my eyes focused in on the scene in the picture below.

It looked like a beautiful giant creature with one closed eye, and up close the little marks below its eye looked like a tiny tear falling!

And then yesterday I was looking at the second hand book stall at the car boot sale, when my eyes caught sight of a book that bought back an abundance of good memories! It was strange really as I was only talking about this recently with an online friend (hello Paul!) when he reminded me about my childhood favourites - Enid Blyton books! and now here in front of me for just 10p was The Folk of The Faraway Tree! Moon Face and Silky and all the gang, plus the changing lands at the top of the tree! Wonderful!

So I paid my 10p and it came home with me. :-)

So what did you see this week?

This is for week 6 of I Saw Sunday why not visit and join in! and
tell us what you saw this week.

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Deborah said...

The last picture of the 'eye' is wonderful, and Moon Face and Silky, I remember them well ... but don't forget Saucepan man!! 10p a bargain!!

Susannah said...

I am glad you remembered Saucepan man too! :-)

Yes, I am glad I had the camera with me to capture that beautiful 'eye'.

Thanks for dropping in.

Paul Andrew Russell said...

Isn't it funny how things jog our memories and take us way back somewhere in time, Susannah?

We were walking in the park on Friday and I saw a moss covered tree. It brought back memories of The Faraway Tree again. Then I visit here and you post about The Faraway Tree. lol Weird.

Nice photos. :-)

Susannah said...

Hello Paul! Wow, so you had another Far Away Tree moment too!

Yes, it is weird isn't it. :-)

Thanks for popping in, it's good to see you.

Elizabeth said...

Your photos, are always super, but the one of the seeming tear drops is breath taking. And I love the synchronicity that seems so prevalent in creative energies and individuals. You reminded me of an old book I found recently and spent over an hour just wondering through the images. Thank you,


Susannah said...

Good to see you Elizabeth. :-)

I am glad I usually remember to carry my camera with me as I would have missed so much without it.

There seems to be a lot of these synchronistic happening that follow me about these days!

What was the old book you found?

Anonymous said...

It did my heart good to see that beautiful holly. The Faraway Tree was one of my childhood favourites too. Thank you for reviving such wonderful memories.

Susannah said...

Good to see you Selma. :-)

So you were a Faraway Tree fan too! That's wonderful that at least four adults are now revisiting those magical times in their memories.

I now want pop biscuits and to ride the slippery slip and the squirrel to take my cushion back up to Moon Face! :-)

David said...

The maple outside of my sliding glass doors is so vividly orange. I knew this was coming, so I had cleaned the glass last week. When the crows come and perch in it's branches, the black on orange is such a striking contrast. Alas, the leafs are beginning to fall as I write this, at least one a minute. I imagine that by next week, she will be mostly bare.

Yes, your tree is crying. Like a big sad Ent.

Susannah said...

David, I loved your description of the scene outside your window and then visited your blog to see the image and read the Haiku too, great!

I had to look up Ent....but now I know what one is! Thank you for broadening my mythical knowledge!

Always good to see you. x

Ellen said...

Susannah, what beautiful pictures, as always. But, the tree is simply incredible! Thanks again for sharing. You are one special person.

Susannah said...

It is incredible isn't it!

Good to see you Ellen, thanks for popping in. :-)

Jennifer said...

LOVE that tree.

I grew up reading the Enid Blyton "Adventure" series - my sisters and cousin and I still talk about them sometimes. :-)

Susannah said...

Hi Jennifer,

so you were another Enid Blyton fan! As a child I read everything by her that I could get my hands on. :-)

Yes, the tree was amazing, wasn't it!

Always good to see you. x

Doris said...

Aah now I remember! YOU have inspired me to make a photo (with the webcam) and post what I saw :-)

Enid Blyton...all the books by her which I read were called "five friends..." (in german) and it´s a beautiful memory, too...about a girl called george who wanted to be & behaved like a boy, and her friends & many adventures...

Thanks for your blog-activities & photos, Susannah, beautiful, blessings

Susannah said...

Hello Doris, I loved to see the photo of the Roses you posted on your blog - they are beautiful!

...and you too loved Enid Blyton books!

Thank you very much for visiting. :-)

Michaela said...

What a nice detail! I also can see a horse head on the last picture. Have a nice day Susannah.

Susannah said...

Hi Michaela,

yes, it does look like a horses head!

Thanks for popping in.

It is good to see you! :-)


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