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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Squirrels and Sammy and Finally Finding The Story

Hello, I hope you have had a good week.

Here's my round up of the things that stuck out for me this last week. . .

My cat Sammy spotted TWO squirrels outside the window, he couldn't believe it. Then one of them jumped from the bird table on to the windowsill right in front of his nose and proceeded to run up and down, sending Sammy frantic. He started to make those strange sounds cats make when they're engrossed in watching birds from a window. Then in his frenzy up and down after the squirrel, he stepped in his water bowl and shot in the air. I am sure he was convinced the squirrel had got him!

Warning this one isn't nice - I saw a young guy lean in to his toddlers face and shout. The toddler laughed, the young nervous mother said Daddy is playing, but Daddy wasn't playing, I heard the anger and felt the aggression, as I watched in the supermarket car park an unfolding drama that made me sad that things like that happen and children are bought up in to it. He had a manic look and a swagger, she had a brace on her teeth, pale skin and no confidence. As we drove away I heard the tirade of verbal abuse he turned on her and she once again turned to the child and said. . . Daddy's playing.

I am still writing for Nanowrimo, I started writing without a plot, no ideas, just trusting the process and feeling my way through. And this week, I saw my story take shape and the characters begin to live. I started writing down what they were saying and describing what they were doing rather than 'making it up'. It was a wonderful experience, I am hooked on writing.

What did you see this week?

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Photo - Sammy sleeping in the sunlight.


Elizabeth said...

Ah poor Sammy, those squirrels are gonna drive him nuts.

Congratulations on finding the story. I highly respect anyone who does what you are doing. The PAD Challenge has been difficult enough, but an entire novel in a month's time. Whew!

And yes, it isn't nice to have to watch another human being, lose control especially when it is aimed at those closest to him. There are so many emotions that struggle to the surface in that situation. And it stays with you, as you wonder if it continued to escalate and just how long it has been going on.

Thanks for the glimpses into your week,


Jennifer said...

Way to go on the nanowrimo! Glad to hear it.

Anonymous said...

I am Glad i came across this site.Added thestreamingnow.blogspot.com to my bookmark!


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