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Sunday, 28 November 2010

This week - Nanowrimo and Snow

"Everything begins with a story" Joseph Campbell

Well, I finally completed the Nanowrimo challenge! I am still busy writing though, because even though I managed to write the 50, 000 words to complete the challenge, I still haven't finished my story. I have at least one maybe two chapters to go. I am looking forward to finishing and then leaving it alone for a couple of weeks before I finally read it through and begin the next stage in the process.

I really didn't know if I would be able to do this. I had never written anything longer than a blog post before and always said that I didn't think I could write anything that long, but now I have and I loved it and that has opened up a whole different world for me to explore.

For the last month I have been so concerned with getting the words down and finding the story, I haven't really concentrated on writing, on the beauty of the words, the painting of the picture and that is good because that is my favourite bit about writing. The part I feel most comfortable with. So now I am looking forward to taking the bones of the story and making it beautiful. It is like I have just completed a detailed sketch for a painting and now I can pick up the colours and make it come alive.

Today outside my kitchen door
The weather has turned really cold here with minus freezing temperatures and yesterday we had our first sprinkling of snow. By this morning it had almost gone but I braved the cold this morning and opened my kitchen door and took this photo. The little ornamental tree in the white pots already has buds, ready and waiting for next year.

Creativity exists more in the searching than in the finding.
- Stephen Nachmanovitch

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Paul Andrew Russell said...

Congratulations on finishing Nanowrimo Susannah. Well done! :-)

I'm not sure I could do it.

Susannah said...

Thanks very much Paul.

I am sure that any one could do it with the right frame of mind and a few tips. I'll be writing a blog post about it soon.

Good to see you, and thanks for always taking the time to read and comment, it is appreciated. :-)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations Susannah! That is one mighty accomplishment and I hope you find some way to reward yourself. (Or maybe after those final two chapters - :-))

Susannah said...

Thanks Jennifer. :-)

I managed to finish the last two chapters and now just have to read through it all, then put it away for a while before I start the next stage.

It is always good to see you.x

Anonymous said...

What an achievement! Having tried and given up on Nano a couple of years ago while in the middle of a degree course, I understand the effort you must have put in, and am lost in admiration that you have written something worth working on. I can't even find the 25K or so words that I managed!

This year, I did the November Poetic Aside Poem-a-day challenge with considerably more satisfaction.

Susannah said...

Hi Viv, great to see you. :-)

I love the thought of the Poem-a-day challenge, it sounds like something I would have really enjoyed, just such a shame that it coincided with Nanowrimo!

At the moment I am all nano'd out so will have to give it a while before I start editing.

Thanks for visiting.

none said...

Congratulations on completing the Nanowrimo challenge! Your approach is inspiring and the metaphor you used to describe it is very fitting. Very nice composition in your photo, too...the angle makes it especially interesting.

Susannah said...

Hello Jade, it is good to see you here.:-) Thanks very much for visiting and for your comment it is much appreciated.


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