“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.” — Elsie de Wolfe

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Frost, Fog and Frozen Rosebuds.

This week has been one of the coldest I can remember and has lead to some beautiful sights. The snow finally disappeared and for a couple of days was replaced with an extreme frost that covered everything and transformed it. This was my view from my window...

On one day it was accompanied by fog which
gave everything such an ethereal magical look.

"Feathered with hoarfrost,
skeletal trees loom closer;
fog shrouded arches."
- Paul Brown

I took a walk around my garden and snapped a few photos,
this is the lantern on our shed complete with frost covered cobwebs.

The fog beginning to build in the distance.

This beautiful rosebud was frozen and covered in ice crystals
its delicate colour and shape frozen in time.
At least I saw it and was able to appreciate its beauty...
not everything has to bloom to make its mark.

We went to the nearest town to do our shopping. . .
wrapped in so many layers we could hardly walk. :-)

I noticed the decorative top of this building,
though the clock has shown the wrong time for years!
It was about 1pm.There was a decorated tree in the middle of a roundabout.

Now a couple of abstract images that caught my eye.
I loved the way this grating around the bottom of
the tree looked covered in deep frost.

And I adore this, bird and human footprints and railings. :-)

"Winter solitude -
in a world of one colour
the sound of the wind."
- Basho

After all that white, it was wonderful to see this shop
window lit up with this glowing chandelier!

Well, that was a few snapshots of my week

What about yours? What did you see this week?
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"Expect nothing,
appreciate everything."
- unknown

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Deborah said...

Gorgeous pictures and I just loved the rosebud!... and the title :o)

Susannah said...

Thanks Deborah. :-)

I'm glad to see you back online, I've missed you. x

Elizabeth said...

Love all of your photos, but especially like the bird and human tracks together. For some reason it reminds me of hyrogliphics (sp?). Love the hoarfrost spiderwebs, looks so permanent and planned.

Cross your fingers, I hoping for a camera soon,


Susannah said...

Hi Elizabeth, yes I know what you mean about the bird footprints! They do don't they. (Notice I didn't attempt the spelling either. lol)

I hope you get the camera soon.

Thanks for visiting. :-)

Ann said...

Fabulous photos Susannah. Just beautiful. I particularly loved the rose and the footprints.

Susannah said...

Thanks Ann, it is great to see you again. :-)

Ann Bowes said...

I too loved your photos. Here in the North York Moors I can see ghostly trees appearing above the mist lying in the valley. Above the mist line a patchwork of snow covered fields giving way to green fields once more as the snow melts is visible on the far side.

Susannah said...

Hello Ann and welcome, it is good to meet you.

I love your description, I can just picture it.

Thanks very much for visiting (and for joining in at I Saw Sunday!) :-)

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous photos - the frost covered cobwebs are so lovely. There's something mystical about fog - particularly when there's also frost! An Enchanted world!

Susannah said...

Hi Jennifer, yes I agree, frost and fog a magical combination....as long as you aren't driving anywhere!

Good to see you. x

Paul Andrew Russell said...

Beautiful photos, Susannah. Make me homesick.

Susannah said...

Thanks for dropping in Paul, it is always good to see you. :-)


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