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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Peace, Love and Cookies!

This week I have been attempting to edit my NaNoWriMo novel, slowly but surely I have been reading it through a chapter at a time. This is the first time I've actually read it back and am still only about five chapters in. I have been really pleased with a couple of chapters, the words were obviously flowing then. But have heavily cut others when I must have been short of inspiration but still soldiering on to meet my daily word target!

For the rest of my weekI am going to let the photos do the talking....

This was taken from my kitchen window, as you can see the snow is still
thick on the ground. I love how it has settled on the Buddha in the background,
his face is still showing but he has a cosy snow hat and coat on. :-)

This week for the very first time in my 50 years I baked cookies!
They turned out to be really delicious, I told my Mum and she
reckons that I am a late developer! ;-)

There was Peace in the air and on my mantelpiece this week.

There was lots of Love in the air too!

And on the Winter Solstice we had our first open fire of the year,
we kept it and lots of candles lit all day long while we curled up,
warm and cosy and watched Avatar again. (We enjoyed it just
as much as the first time that we saw it in 3D at the cinema.)

Sammy kept me company from his spot on the sofa in my computer room.
I should have cleaned him up before I took his photo, he is always filthy!
That face is his 'stroke me please' face. :-)

And then
in the heart of the night there was the full Moon lighting up
my night time garden with an intense silver light that illuminated
the glittering snow so that it glowed and sparkled!

It was a beautiful and magical sight!

"There are diamonds in the snow, I see them sparkling.
Tiny lights, brilliant and bewitching.
Glistening there on the cold and holy ground.

I hope you had a magical week too!

I am linking this to week 15 of I Saw Sunday why not join in with us! and tell us what you saw this week. :-)

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Jade said...

Those are some great photos, especially the kitty one at the end! The snow looks so tranquil...and those cookies..yum :) Could never know it was your first time.

Susannah said...

Thanks Jade. :-)

Thanks for dropping in, it's good to see you.

Elizabeth said...

Love the idea of curling up by a fireplace, it sounds as delicious as the cookies look. The snow is deep here as well and am hoping to get a picture soon. Yes, me! I love the image you drew of the silver moonlight. May your holiday be a precious one,


Deborah said...

I love the look in Sammy's eyes :o)

Susannah said...

Hello Elizabeth, yes curling up by the fire is a wonderful thing and we did it again yesterday!

Some years we don't bother having an open fire (as obviously we have other heating too)...but there is something primal about an open fire and the flickering flames that touches something deep inside.

Thankyou for your good wishes and for visiting. It is always good to see you. x

Susannah said...

Deborah, yes that is Sammy's stroke me look, if you look closely you'll see his mouth is slighly pursed, and if you had sound effects you would hear the purring too!

Good to see you. :-)

tamara hellgren said...

You are editing your NaNoWriMo novel, that is so amazing! Of the four "3Day" Novels I did, I never edited any of them. It was always too painful and embarrassing to read through the badly written parts, and I would turn away.

Is this your first NaNoWriMo project? Do you think you'll finish up the editing and publish it?

Another friend of mine completed NaNoWriMo and she is sending the manuscript to friends and family around the world, one after another, to get feedback. I'm on the list but it's taking a while to get to me!

Um, apparently I have an interest in writing. LOL! Good luck and keep us posted!!

Susannah said...

Hi Tamara, it was you who actually first bought NaNoWriMo to my attention! I remember reading about you preparing for it and talking about it last year.

I never in a million years thought I would ever be doing it! I had never written anything longer than a blog post before but decided to give it a go.

It was SUCH a learning experience and I started without a plot or any ideas, I just wanted to see what would happen.

I managed to finish and actually ended up with approx 72,000 words.

I intend to edit it and finish the process so I can understand what is involved every step of the way, then I shall see what I have got. :-)

I shall definitely do it again, but next time will do more foreward planning and make sure I have a plot!

It really helped me to read a lot of the tips from the people who had done it before and to realise that the initial writing, the getting the story down, is only the first stage and should only be thought of as a draft, as a sketch and something to work with.

As I wrote in a post a couple of weeks ago....
"For the last month I have been so concerned with getting the words down and finding the story, I haven't really concentrated on writing, on the beauty of the words, the painting of the picture and that is good because that is my favourite bit about writing. The part I feel most comfortable with. So now I am looking forward to taking the bones of the story and making it beautiful. It is like I have just completed a detailed sketch for a painting and now I can pick up the colours and make it come alive."

Perhaps you should pick up one of your stories and look at it in that light?

By the way if you need a writing buddy, I am here! ;-)

Good to talk to you. x

Paul Andrew Russell said...

Lovely photos, Susannah.

Best Wishes for the New Year.:-)

It's good to have met a new friend online. I appreciate you visiting my blog and leaving comments this past year. Thank you.

Susannah said...

Hi Paul, thanks for the new year wishes. :-)

It has been really good getting to know you this last year, thank you for your visits to my blogs, they are much appreciated.

Thanks too for reawakening my memories of the Faraway Tree and all the kids TV programmes. ;-)

Wishing you and your family, peace, prosperity. good health and much joy for the year ahead. x

Barbara Scully said...

Hi Susannah....

I love this blog... although I have been very remiss at visiting and writing blog posts recently. Anyway - this will be among my new years resolutions.

Wishing you and yours and cats the very best of everything in 2011.

love from

Susannah said...

Hi Barbara! it is always good to see you.

A very happy new year to all of you too, may 2011 be a wonderful one for you all. x

Suz said...

oh how I have missed you

Susannah said...

Great to see you Suz. :-)


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