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Sunday, 2 January 2011

White Squirrels and Loved Ones

Well I looked out of the window as a flash of white caught my eye and there on the fence post was an albino squirrel. We have been seeing it around for at least five years now, scampering through those trees that you can see in the distance and it once visited our bird table where Joe managed to capture him on video - you can see it on youtube - click here.

But we hadn't seen it lately and it was a real surprise to see it in
our garden investigating and obviously looking for food.

It then took a giant leap and landed in the bush right outside the window
where we stared each other in the eyes for a few seconds. Sorry about the
poor quality of the photos, I really will have to clean my windows! ;-)

Then yesterday on new years day we went to my Mums for a new year celebration, it was also her 72nd birthday. It was so much fun! We dressed up in wigs and fake moustaches. :-)

My lovely sister Deborah before she started handing out wigs and distributing moustaches!

And here's me in my favourite moustache and fetching black wig!

Well, tell me the truth, who WOULDN'T want a moustache like that?! LOL

(if you had a choice of moustache styles what would you choose?)

As I am just a tiny bit hungover this week I am keeping it short. . .

But I would just like to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

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Deborah said...

The squirrel pictures are amazing, but I have to admit that my top lip does look a little bare :o)

Paul Andrew Russell said...

LOL It sounds like you had a great time, Susannah.

I could do with a wig like that. It would save on polishing time. lol

I've never seen an albino squirrel. We had a lot of squirrels visit my garden back home, even fighting with the cat, but never a white one. That video is cool.

Happy New Year to you and all your family. :-)

Best Wishes


Elizabeth said...

The squirrel is amazing and don't clean your windows, it gives the pics a bit of a magical feel.

Love the mustache, I have a rather sparce one of my own, lol. And yes, that bare lip does stand out.

So much fun, so glad you shared.


Susannah said...

Hello Paul, I think wigs would make it easier for lots of people, you could just pull it on and not worry about your own hair or lack of it! It would keep your head warm too. lol

I am glad you enjoyed the video that was the first one we took and we had only just got the camera when the perfect subject appeared outside the window.

A very happy new year to you and your family too Paul. It is always good to see you.

Susannah said...

Hello Elizabeth, thanks for saying that the dirty windows make the photos look magical, that is now my excuse for not cleaning them! it is much cheaper than a soft focus lens
....wonderful. lol

I am glad you liked my moustache, Deborah looked very fetching in hers too but we don't seem to have any photo's of hers?

Good to see you! :-)

Barbara Scully said...

I have never seen a white squirrel. Great photos.

Dont worry about your windows... I dont (worry about mine that is - not yours).

Window cleaning belongs to springtime!!!

Susannah said...

Hello Barbara, when I think back to how long we have been seeing him, I reckon our white squirrel must be about six years old now. He is lucky to live in such a safe place away from roads etc.

Hmmm, as for the windows, I know what you mean about spring! In my house though it isn't just a job for spring, it's a job for Joe! ;-)

Good to see you.

Suz said...

Oh my..you're back blogging..I thought you took a break to write the great .....novel
Glad your back I'll put you back on the front of my blog so I won't miss a thing....
I love your squirrel!
so soft and adorable looking
loved your family's gathering..ha ha what fun
you look marvelous

Susannah said...

Good to see you Suz! :-)

tamara hellgren said...

Those albino squirrel pictures are AMAZING! Especially the up-close one where he is looking at you!

The town where my grandparents lived had around 900 people, and there were two albino squirrels that frequented the grounds of my grampa's church. He would always try to take pictures of them (they didn't turn out as well as yours!) and keep the family updated on what the white squirrels were doing :) This post brought back so many memories for me!

Love the mustaches too! I dressed up as a man for Halloween last year, with a 'stache and cap and one of Dumpling's shirts. It was really fun wearing a mustache, but it was gross when I drank beer and it got wet! Did you experience that too?

Susannah said...

Hi Tamara, It really was so great to see it so close! And how great that your grampa used to see white aquirrels too! Quite a rare thing. I am glad my squirrel triggered your memories.

I LOVED wearing the moustache but I had so much trouble keeping it on! Every time I smiled it started coming unstuck, so I was constantly putting it back on and it managed to keep pretty dry that way. It is now stuck on the front of my fridge like some sort of bizarre fridge magnet. :-)

Great to talk to you.


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