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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tourist Day Out Continued - Boats, Boats, Boats

"Thoughts come clearly while one walks." - Thomas Mann

In my last post I promised you more pictures!
So without further ado, I give you boats, boats, boats!

This is the covered bridge (below) I mentioned in the previous post.
We had to cross it to visit the museum and the hologram exhibition.

This boat (below) was really nice, and had a contempory feel with chrome fittings instead of the usual brass, though it was still sporting the traditional 'roses and castles' painting on the doors.

Before turning back and going into the town, we walked a little way further,
away from the paved walkways and onto the grass bordered track. . .

If you missed the first part of this day out, scroll back to the previous post. Or you can click -
Boats, Bridges and Beautiful Light - to read it. :-)

**I have just added a few links to posts of mine
on a now defunct blog, on which I used to document our days out in the campervan that Joe converted from an old minibus. These posts below feature more narrowboats and of course lots of photos! . . .

This one has lots of lovely photos of a pretty village and lots more narrowboats. . .

Another trip with pictures, and my thoughts about what in must be like to live on the water. . .

Third is Banburys annual canal day celebration 2009. Lots of photos here. . .

I hope you enjoy the photos!

I have just added a link in my sidebar to the blog mentioned above - just in case any of you fancy joining us on one of the other days out I documented. A virtual mini break awaits you. - Susannah x


Deborah said...

Gosh that is a lot of boats!
Can't wait to come for a visit :o)

Susannah said...

Come next week while the exhibition is still on. :-) x

Mama Zen said...

Fabulous shots!

Anonymous said...

Susannah, this looks like an absolutely delightful time. The water looks a little funky, but if you keep your eyes on the boats, it's great!! Thanks for the mini-break, Amy

Susannah said...

Mama Zen thank you, it is good to see you here thanks for popping in. :-)

Susannah said...

Amy, I am glad you enjoyed the mini break. :-)

As far as canals go that water is pretty good.

Thanks for popping in, it is good to see you. x

Anonymous said...

Susannah, I love your narrow boats. They just capture the feeling of another time, don't they? There is something so magical about them!

Elizabeth said...

I'm curious about the boats. Do people live on them year round, or are they only for specific or special purposes? They appear to be cared for with a great deal of pride and care. Thanks for sharing,


Susannah said...

Selma, yes they do don't they? Good to see you. x

Susannah said...

Elizabeth, yes they are very well cared for with shining brass and pretty pots of flowers on the top. I think they have to get a license to prove they are waterworthy. You see lots of dogs on board, cats too. :-)

There are four scenarios I should imagine for these boats.

Firstly there are a large community who live on them year round and apart from exploring Englands waterways and coping with the 'locks' (read about locks here) they also have permanant moorings too by the side of the tow path. There are lots of places around Banbury and also near to where Joes parents live that have narrowboats moored.

Secondly, there are those that have a boat and have it moored near their home, some places near canals have mooring rights. These would then be used for holidays or weekends etc.

Thirdly, there are lots of narrowboat hire companies and they are very popular (and expensive!) to hire for holidays. Some places also run day or evening trips. There are even restaurant boats and floating hotel boats too.

I just remembered the post Deborah wrote about her families stay on the canal. (all true!) - you can find it here - Deborahs true story.

Fourthly, there are working boats. The canals were originally built to transport goods and whole families used to work and live on a boat delivering goods. These days there are still a few, as evidenced by the locksmith in my photos, I have also seen boats that deliver coal or fuel to other boats and out of the way places best accessed by the water.

I have actually just added two links to the post itself to two posts from and old blog of mine with two similar posts to this one and lots of pictures and more boats! You might find those interesting too.

Always good to see you Elizabeth. x

Shauna said...

looks like a great way to spend
the weekend.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Susannah. I was curious because a while back I had read a novel about the canal boats set back a bit in time. Can't remember the name of it, but your photos brought life to what I remembered reading. Thanks so much for the enlightening response,


Susannah said...

Welcome Shauna, it is good to meet you.

Susannah said...

Elizabeth, glad to help. x

Anonymous said...

Ok...I'm in love with your blog! Your photos are just gorgeous! Where do you live because I want to come visit! :)
Thanks for the warm welcome into I saw Sunday! You will be seeing more of me for sure!
@BackyardPonders FollowMe!


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