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Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I have never really understood the meaning of the saying -

"You can't have your cake and eat it too"


Why is that then?

(I observed Joe quite closely, as he easily managed to have this cake and then eat it too! ;-))


Suz said...

You are right ..what does it mean?
Hmmm...let me think a bit..
If you eat it it's gone...and then you don't have it anymore....
Maybe it's about making choices?
I'm good, aren't I? hehehe..

Ann said...

Yes quite a conundrum! After all you can't eat the cake unless you have it!!!

Susannah said...

Suz, I never thought about it like that - (yes, you are good! ;-))

and Ann - yes, a conundrum!

hmmm, I clearly watched as Joe had the cake and then ate it too - then he still HAD the cake but not in exactly the same form....I am going to stop all this cake analysis and go and have a cup of tea!

Thanks for the comments both of you. :-)

Barbara Scully said...

Always eat the cake I say... and boy does it show!!! Ha Ha

Jennifer said...

Well there you go - just because everybody says it, doesn't mean it's true!

Susannah said...

Barbara - I am with you on that one! lol

Jennifer - Yes, that is so true about a lot of things!

Thanks for the comments everyone! ;-)


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