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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Blogging, Comments (and my realisation)

Hello, it has been a little while since I updated. I have been lost in a project and whenever that happens I tend to disappear into some strange timewarp and lose track of time! So, I just took a break and read the latest post at realia that talks about blogging and her objection to the term 'lurker' for the secret readers, the ones who visit and never comment.

As I read, I had the realisation that before I started blogging myself I used to love to read other peoples blogs, and that I never even once dreamt of commenting! it was just like reading a magazine or a book, it didn't seem like a two way thing. Of course as soon as I started blogging my perspective changed and I realised how appreciated the comments are. Just shows how our views can change depending what side we are observing it from.

Do you leave comments?

If not, is your reason the same as mine was? (aha - "anyone notice my cunning plan" ;-))

By the way, all visitors to my blogs (comments or not!) you are all very welcome.

Painting: Sunrise by Susannah Bec.


Jennifer said...

Susannah, you are one of my champion commenters and I'm always grateful and inspired. Which always reminds me I should comment more.

I don't generally comment on everything a blogger writes. I try to comment with purpose - with thoughtfulness.

And there are other factors - much of my blog reading is done during quiet moments at work (yes, I admit it) and there isn't time to respond. Other times I sit with a post or an idea for a few days.

I do read you and other bloggers for inspiration. AS you say - like a magazine or a book. And I really should make more of an effort to tell you how much you inspire me more often.

Like you, I found the interactive thing was a wonderful surprise in the blogging world. It's encouragement and fellowship and sharing of ideas. Sometimes I'm a secret reader, sometimes I'm a commenter. But really want to make the effort to comment more.

Ann said...

I just had to leave a comment. I know exactly what you mean though. My stat counter tells me people are reading, but if I measured my visitors by comments, I would be a very sad puppy.

Comments are so encouraging and in my case spur me on in my writing.
So I thank you for the lovely comments you have left for me! And I look forward to your next post. :)

Barbara Scully said...

Hi Susannah:
I just love that people are reading my post. But yes, I agree with Jennifer and Ann that comments are what really encourage you to carry on. Otherwise it feels akin to throwing snowballs at the moon - you have no idea if you are reaching or touching anyone!

So I would also like to thank you for the fact that you always leave great comments - and sometimes fill in gaps in my education, which, by Jove, is just great!!!

Susannah said...

Hello all and thanks for the comments. :-)

There are still blogs that I read and have never commented on. I was thinking why that was and I think that there are a few reasons for that. Sometimes, although I enjoy a persons writing I feel I have nothing to add, or maybe another commenter has already said it.

Another thing is that maybe some blogs are more approachable than others, do you know what I mean?
Some that have lots of regular commenters sometimes make me feel I am pushing in on someone elses party.

Also there are blogs that never interact or acknowledge comments and I usually don't continue to comment unless I can get some feel of the person behind it.

And sometimes it is nice just to be able to be anonymous and just read and leave.

But, I wouldn't have met any of you nice people if you hadn't first commented on one of my blogs or me on yours! So thank you very much for your comments and for taking the time and making the effort, it is much appreciated.

Suz said...

Susannah....love the name!
What a delight to read your comment on my blog...and, oh yes, I always comment when I read...if only to nod a hello or give a hug...
I only follow people's blogs who have something to say of the human condition... and gardening of course! and you my dear...when I clicked on your name and went to your profile..and saw those blogs of yours..sister we were meant to meet!
Now, how do I read all those blogs? but I will...
I hope that post of that painting of that swirly sky was yours...ooh!
and you are a poetry reader not just a writer of poetry...there is a difference you know....if you want to know more about me...I have another blog..I hope you stop and visit me there...see you soon...kindred sister...although I could probably be your mom!

Susannah said...

Hi Suz and thanks for visiting. :-)

I have just been along and looked at your other two blogs and I am really glad you pointed me there!

I look forward to getting to know you more.

PS. You are too young to be my Mom - you would have been 10! ;-)

EclecticArtista said...

I'm new to this. I am only really beginning to read blogs, but I enjoy communicating and actual conversation. I have only been using Facebook and Twitter for a little over a year. I have found them to be well, limiting and overwhelming at the same time. I think I started following too many people, but not many are very meaningful. I am truely grateful to have found joyfrequencies on Twitter though! Thank you Susannah! I'm enjoying reading blogs now more and more. Best Wishes!

Susannah said...

Hi Eclectic (good to see you here!)

I know what you mean about it being overwhelming on twitter, as you follow more and more you tend to lose track of people. Which is why the 'lists' option that I have just started to use, is good - you can put the people who's tweets you don't want to miss in a sepArate list, so at least you stand some chance of keeping up!

I never even entered the facebook world! blogging was the 1st thing I tried, twitter the 2nd! and that was quite enough to keep me busy!

I am glad you are enjoying blogs now, it is a great way to read and meet real people.

Thanks for popping in, it is good to talk to you :-) and thanks for following me on twitter too.


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