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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Caterpillars and Green Leaves - Memories

I was 5 years old and wasn't too fond of school and was always glad when 'home time' came. I remember leaving the school gates and walking between my Mum and the tall closely clipped privet hedge that bordered the school playground and being totally amazed at the hundreds of brightly coloured caterpillars that made it their home.

Bejewelled, arched, eating machines, with soft hairs covering their wiggly bodies, I was fascinated. I'd pick up the fat caterpillars and place them on my arm, stroking their furry little backs with one finger, I giggled with glee.

As I walked along the hedgerow with my caterpillar jewellery, I would pick the small bright green
privet leaves and fold them between my fingers. I loved the feeling of the 'snap' as they broke in two and I carried on with my green origami until the broken leaves could fold no more. Before the hedgerow ended I would carefully replace my caterpillars and gather leaves to snap on the journey home.

Isn't it funny that some memories are completely forgotten, locked away until they are triggered by some random thing - a picture, a sound, a smell and there it is - complete, untainted, fresh. Still existing in its little time capsule, carefully tucked away somewhere beneath the surface.


Jennifer said...

Your memory triggered my memory! Both of caterpillars and "snapping" leaves. (And summer. Oh, for summer...)

Susannah said...

I am glad you remember 'snapping' leaves too. :-)

Oooh yes Summer! a wonderful thought today when it is SO chilly here!

Barbara Scully said...

What is it about privet leaves... yep I folded and snapped them too.. in fact think I may still occasionally do it!! The other one I used to love was old fushia when you could pop the flowers just before they opened. Better than bubble wrap!!!! :)

Susannah said...

Well, it looks as though we may have uncovered an unknown hidden aspect to childhood - snapping leaves. :-)

Seems lots of us did it and there was me thinking I was the only one!

Thanks for dropping in Barbara.

Ann said...

I snapped those leaves too! And then there was swinging the chains walking over the causeway to school. That was a favorite of mine!

Susannah said...

Ann - you too! ;-)

Well it looks like we have uncovered something here, for sure! Children everywhere and leaf snapping!

Now did anyone just wear one roller skate? Mmm, well maybe that WAS only me. lol

Ann said...

No sorry, you are not orginal there either. One roller skate, one training wheel when learning to ride my two wheeler bike and what else, can't think. but I am sure else will come me!

Susannah said...

Lol - Oh no! I was CONVINCED I was the only one with one roller skate!

When I had the training wheels (we called them stabilisers) on my bike they were never level, so I used to ride along at a strange angle just balancing on one of the wheels! ;-)


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