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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow, Hungry Birds and Sorting Out the Cupboards

It was SO cold today and the already 6 inch deep snow just kept on falling.

The last of the wild bird seed had gone out this morning and was quickly polished off by the small birds on both bird feeders. The doves came down looking for food and I started to worry about not having anything else to put out for tomorrow.

So I took myself off into the kitchen and started emptying the cupboards! It is amazing what was in the back, hidden behind all the things that are regularly used. Finding leftover bits of pasta in almost empty packets and lots of other things languishing there, I managed to whip up this culinary delight, seen here cooling on two plates.

Lets just hope the birds appreciate my ingenuity tomorrow when I stock up the bird table! :-)


Shelagh said...

I'm here Su. How did the birds like your creation?

Susannah said...

Hi Shelagh :-)

Would you believe they hardly touched it!!! Well it doesn't look as though they have, though I suppose they could have just been pecking at it.

I know that the Jackdaws would have cleared the lot but they don't feel comfortable landing in the garden, I usually throw it over the fence for them but it would just get lost in the deep snow.

Thanks very much for visiting and leaving a comment - I will expect them regularly now! :-)


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