“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.” — Elsie de Wolfe

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday . . .The View From My Desk

"The little things? The little moments? They aren't little." - John Zabat-Zinn

The Doves have spent a few days now hanging out on the fence enjoying the sunshine, and then flying over to the bird table for some seed, then back to sunbathing and courting! I watch as they gently groom one another, then I tactfully avert my eyes as they mate - regularly! ;-)

It is wonderful to have my computer right in front of this window, as it feels like I am part of what is going on out there. . . the changing light, the hundreds of birds that visit the bird table and hanging feeders throughout the day. I know that before long all the trees will have their leaves and the bush to the right in the bottom photo will be dripping with huge lilac blooms that I will be able to smell through the open window.

It is wonderful to watch the sun go down, it sets just behind the red heart in the window, and in the morning to drink coffee and check my emails as I watch the pink light of sunrise bathe those trees in a gentle golden light.

I think this is a great place to have my computer!


Barbara Scully said...

you know what I am going to do Susannah... I am going to 'borrow' one of your beautiful photos (I think the one with the red heart) and make it my screen saver. Then I can have a view as beautiful as yours. I 'write' at the breakfast bar - which has become my office.. full of papers and noone is allowed eat anything there, esp breakfast. I face a wall. But I do have a velux above my head which gives me a view of sky and the gutters on the second floor! And the family of starlings have just set about nesting there again, but it is nothing compared to your beautiful view of your garden! Thanks for sharing

Jennifer said...

Lovely. My desk faces a window too. It's wonderful, if distracting! Seems to me it's a feng shui no-no, but I like it. Anyway, my most productive, creative times occur in places like buses and pubs.

Susannah said...

Barbara, you are very welcome to share my view. :-)

I have taken so many photos just sitting here at my desk. . . sun, snow, the moon hanging low amidst the trees...I keep my camera handy!

Thanks for dropping in. :-)

PS. I really enjoyed hearing you read your story on the radio.

Susannah said...

Jennifer, yours faces a window too - what do you look out on?

You are right, in feng shui terms my desk isn't well placed at all - I can't see who is coming in the door behind me. . . but I'd rather see what is happening out of the window, wouldn't you?. :-)

Creative times in buses and pubs! Oooh, I remember in my early twenties scribbling poetry on beermats in pubs as I didn't have any paper in my bag.

Actually, I can't remember the last time I went on either a bus or in a pub! What a sheltered life I lead these days.

Thanks for coming by. :-)

Diane said...

After reading your kind comments over at my photo blog, I thought I would drop in to see yours and am so pleased I did!
I too face out of a window but on the second floor of my house so can only see the rooftops, the treeetops and the sky - which is quite enough distraction. I would get no work done at all if I could see any more.

Love the moss images by the way....

Susannah said...

Hi Diane and thanks for visiting. :-)

I like the sound of your view too - rooftops, treetops and sky I bet the changing light and seasons makes that a joy to watch too.

Suz said...

Good morning!
You just knew we'd all love that heart...
says alot about your heart

Ann said...

What a wonderful view you have.
I am sure it inspires you daily. I face a wall. But in my house in Abbeyside I look out onto my beautiful roses and lilies. A great view for contemplation.

Susannah said...

Hello Ann - your house in Abbeyside looks out onto beautiful roses and lilies! Sounds wonderful!

You will have to do a post and a picture when you get back there and everything is in bloom - I would love to see it. :-)


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