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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sammy, the Squirrel and Sharing my Story

This week I did something I have been waiting to do. I let my sister read the first draft of my NaNoWriMo novel. I still have lots of work to do but I needed to share the story. I was surprisingly nervous and excited. She was great and sat and read it all in one day.

"She's reading it.

Stepping into the world my mind spawned.

Getting to know the figments of my imagination.

My words through her eyes. I am no longer alone.

She is living the story too."

It was so great to share the characters and storyline with her. Now I have to get on and finish the editing. The story is there and complete. Now to tidy up the grammer and stray comma's.

Sammy and the Squirrel!

Now I didn't even have to leave my desk to watch this unfold right beside me...

There it was!
Sammy had just woken up and the
squirrel was there, bold as brass!

He had to get a closer look.

The Squirrel was looking at him too.

He settled himself down to watch the squirrels antics!

He was engrossed.

And then they came eye to eye again!

Up close and checking each other out.

The squirrel persevered trying to get into the feeder.

Doing acrobatics while Sammy watched.

Fascinated by his new squirrel friend.

Until all at once, he had gone!

Leaving Sammy peering through the window
waiting for his squirrel friend to return.

I also gave a couple of my blogs a makeover, designing new headers. I love it, it is like redecorating! I hope you like the new more colourful look here. :-)

I hope you have all had a good week too.

Thought of the week

"The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others."
- Sonya Friedman

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Jade said...

I really like your new blog look! Those pictures of Sammy & the squirrel are too cute. Sharing work can be equally anxiety-inducing as it is exciting, at least that has been the case for me. :-)

Deborah said...

Firstly I absolutely LOVED reading your novel which sent me on a journey of excitement,laughter, intrigue, emotion, tears of joy and left me thinking about it for days after... basically, I thought it was BRILLIANT!
...and as for the pictures of Sammy and his squirrel, they are sooo fantastic, I loved them!!

Susannah said...

Hi Jade, I am glad you like the new look, I felt the place needed a burst of colour. :-)

Sammy and the squirrel are quite a regular occurance but luckily I had my camera on my desk this time.

I am sure I will be even more nervous when I share my novel with anyone else! I thought my sister would like it, so it was pretty 'safe' sharing it with her. Now I have to get on and finish it. :-)

Thanks for visiting, it is good to see you.

Susannah said...

Deb, thanks SO much for setting aside a whole day to read it! It was so great getting your feedback (and I am glad you fell in love with Zach too.) :-)

Sammy loves his squirrel! lol

Harry Nicholson said...

Oh to see into ginger Sammy's thoughts! As well as grey squirrel's...

That sequence would almost animate.

Susannah said...

Hi Harry, I am with you on the animation, wouldn't that be wonderful! :-)

Elizabeth said...

I have a hard enough time sharing a poem or two, but an entire novel, I wouldn't have any nails left on either hand. Sammy and the squirrel are great and the sequence in wonderful. And I like the new colors as well. See you next week,


Susannah said...

Thanks Elizabeth. :-)

See you next week.

jabblog said...

That's a fabulous sequence of photos. I love the last one with Sammy's paws on the window pane.
I know what you mean about letting other people read your writing - it's a strange, rather worrying experience.

Barbara Scully said...

Hi Susannah

Great post... I love your words describing how it feels to have someone outside yourself to read your words - to enter a world created by you!

And your photos are just fantastic. Love the way the cat cocked his head watching Mr Squirrel!

It all made me smile!


Susannah said...

Hi Jabblog, it definitely is a strange experience. I don't know how I will cope when I share with anyone else. My sister was a pretty safe bet. :-)

Thanks for visiting, it is good to see you here.

Susannah said...

Great to see you Barbara, thanks for coming by. x

Jennifer said...

So glad you shared your work with your sister - it can be the most terrifying thing a writer does. (I'm thinking about some of the looks of horror I see when I tell my writing students on the first day about the "story circle.")

Sammy looks exactly like our old friend Woody - now departed. I got a lot of pleasure recalling that old cat.

Susannah said...

Hi Jennifer, I think it will be much more terrifying to share it with anyone other than her. But at least I made a start. :-)

Good to see you. x

Anonymous said...

Love the pics and bravo for sharing your story. I'm sure it was very well received because you are a wonderful writer. Well, actually from Deborah's comment I can see it was more than well received. Excellent. That makes me very happy!

Susannah said...

Hi Selma, great to see you. :-)

It was nerve racking sharing but I knew my Sis was a pretty safe bet. The thing is I haven't been able to get going on it since, and I still have lots to do to finish it. It is as though now it has been read part of me thinks it's done! lol

Thanks for your kind words, it means a lot coming from you, you know how much I love your writing. x

Mystic Meandering said...

Am so glad you captured these photos! Gave my heart a smile and a giggle. Love to watch the animals interacting! Kind of keeps everything in perspective... Sweet innocence...

Susannah said...

I am glad you got to share them. :-)

It was a wonderful moment and I was so glad that I had a camera to hand!


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