“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.” — Elsie de Wolfe

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Beautiful Roses and Village Views . . .

"The quiet cup that holds this still morning, is crazed with tiny hairline cracks of birdsong
- almost imperceptable through the airtight filters of sound subduing glass.
A subtle soundtrack to accompany the silent film that is playing
on the other side of the window pane."
- My Name is ZING

Through my window I saw this beautiful sight. . .
The pretty sky and the beautiful big trees
backdrop for the white flowers on my blooming tree/bush.

They smell wonderful but I haven't got a clue what they are!
Have you any idea? Close up picture below.

In my garden some of the roses are blooming...

This beautiful one is still in bud. . .

Here is one of my favourite plants. . . I am not much of a gardener and don't know much about plants (except how to love them and appreciate their beauty.) But there was a big bush of this growing outside the kitchen window of our last home. I potted up a small plant that had self seeded and bought it here with me. I have clumps of it growing everywhere. . .

"Joy is not in things, it is in us." - Richard Wagner

Now to continue that walk around the village I started a few weeks ago. . .
(I really had trouble whittling down the photos for this weeks post, I had so many.)

I snapped a photo of this old faded advert on the side of the original village shop.
(It has now been converted to a dwelling and we have another small community shop.)

Then in the distance those two beautiful trees.
Now what is that between them?

Yes, the old village stocks!

Another pretty window surrounded with greenery
that will soon be laden with tiny grapes.

When replacing the thatch they recently had those holes blocked up.
We used to see the doves flying from them.
(I am sure they weren't eaten! not like they would originally have been.)

An open gate. I loved that splash of wonderful colour set amongst the greenery.

And then these poppies caught my eye. . .

and one beautiful fallen petal. . .

It has been a week of sunshine and showers and everything is growing at such a rate.
My gooseberries, blackcurrents and redcurrants are ripe and really need picking before the birds have them all. I don't mind sharing but I do like first pick! :-)

I hope you have all had a good week.

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And here's another one written this week - HERE

Happy Sunday everyone. x

Thought of the week
"When its all said and done, all roads lead to the same end.
So its not so much which road you take, as how you take it. "
- Charles de Lint

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Jade said...

So much beauty here!
Sometimes our unknowing can add to our appreciation..:) Being comfortable with a little mystery can keep us from trying to figure everything out.
Love the open gate picture.

Susannah said...

Hi Jade, yes I totally agree with you.

Your comment bought to mind when my mother in law went on holiday. She had a huge beautiful display of flowers outside her back door that I really was awestruck by every time I saw them. They were so beautiful! Until...she asked me to deadhead them! Then everytime I saw them, I no longer saw the beautiful flowers - I was too busy looking for ones to dead head.

Hmmm, I think there is a blog post brewing here. :-)

Good to see you and thanks for dropping in. x

earlybird said...

I enjoyed these peaceful verdant glimpses of your village and garden, Susannah. I think the big white scented bush/tree is a philadelphus but I wouldn't be able to tell you which. And I think the yellow one is part of the hypericum family but, again, I don't know which one.

Deborah said...

Oh gorgeous pictures as usual ... and they used to 'eat' the grotesque doves?! :o)

Susannah said...

Thanks earlybird for the identification, I will look those up!

Good to see you. x

Susannah said...

Deborah you really made me laugh with the 'grotesque doves' comment! lol

For anyone else it is something that would require a blog post to understand the reference. :-)

Jinksy said...

I too think your white flowered shrub is a variety of Philadelphus, otherwise called Mock Orange Blossom. I had one in my previous garden, and its perfume was delicious, as you say. The yellow flowers are Hypericum. I have lots in my front garden!
Your set of pictures are a joy to behold.

Harry Nicholson said...

Yes, the white is the mock orange: from its height it is probably 'Virginal'.
The yellow (hypericum) is one of the plants sometimes called 'The Rose of Sharon'.

But who is bothered so long as they are loved?

Wordsworth lamented the growing craze for labelling things:

'A primrose by the river's brim
A yellow primrose was to him
And it was nothing more.

Elizabeth said...

Love your photos, can get lost in them. Especially love the quote at the beginning, that is outstanding. Thank you for this bounty of beauty,


Susannah said...

Thanks everyone for the help identifying the plants, it is a big help. I may call on you all again! :-)

(Harry, I agree with Wordsworth.)

Elizabeth, thanks for the kind words, I am glad you enjoyed both my 'my name is zing' quote and the photos. It is nice to be able to share them.

Morvah said...

Goodness you're all on the button round here! All I can add to that Susannah is that Hypericum is also known as St John's Wort and used nowadays as an anti-depressant. It's a Leo herb, ruled by the Sun. (The feast of St John is the Solstice or Midsummer). Have a good week!

Susannah said...

Hello Morvah, and thanks very much for that info, much appreciated.

Thanks for popping in, it is always good to see you. x

Happy Solstice for tomorrow!

Ena said...

What a lovely, quaint village. I'd love to take a walk there. So many beautiful things to admire :)

Susannah said...

Thanks very much Ena. :-)

Anonymous said...

Every photo utterly gorgeous. I was going to say Philadelphus, but they've all beaten me to it. Although St John's Wort has recognised medicinal qualities, it is not wise to use it without medical advice - it conflicts with lots of other medicines.

My I saw Sunday may be late this week!

Susannah said...

Hi Viv, good to see you and thanks for the info. I am glad you will be joining in with I Saw Sunday - I missed seeing you. x

Warren said...

Very beautiful photography, Susannah - it was like a walk with a good friend through memories, wonderful smells, colors that dazzle, the softness of spring, a warming breeze, and a time that left me refreshed. I appreciate it. Thank you.


Susannah said...

Thank you so much for visiting Warren and for your lovely comment. I am glad you enjoyed a walk through my world. :-)

It is very nice to meet you, please come by and visit again.

Mike Patrick said...

I marvel at the beauty you capture in your surroundings. Over and over, I'm reminded that I have to learn to use a camera.

Susannah said...

Good to see you here Mike. :-)

I think a digital camera would be a wonderful present to buy yourself. Nothing fancy just a basic point and click. You will have hours of fun!

Dave said...

Wonderful photos Susannah. Thanks for your comment on my blog - Dave

Susannah said...

Thanks Dave, it is nice to meet you. :-)

Sarah Knight said...

Lovely : )

Susannah said...

Thanks Sarah. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love that image of the tiny hairline cracks of birdsong. That is so gorgeous. What a beautiful writer you are. And is there anything more exquisite than a rose? It really is perfection.

I love your village. I would be jumping for joy if I lived there!

Susannah said...

Hi Selma and thanks for your comment. It is always good to see you. x


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