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Friday, 17 June 2011

When the Inner and Outer Worlds Connect. . .

"We should not pretend to understand the world only by the intellect.
The judgement of the intellect is only part of the truth." - Carl Jung

Earlier this week I awoke suddenly from a very vivid dream about one of my much loved cats Teddy, who died a couple of years ago. (He was the son of Ms. Mitz and brother to Bina and Sammy.)

It was so real and so lovely to see him again, that when I woke up it really stayed with me, and I had trouble shaking the sadness that his death always leaves me with.

A few hours later and we were driving to a nearby town for me to pick up a doctors prescription when I mentioned the dream to my partner. As we drew up to the doctors and I jumped out of the car I saw in the distance a cat that looked just like Teddy. I turned to try and get my partners attention to show him but he was manouevering into a parking space to wait for me.

I went into the doctors and after a short wait at the pharmacy I made my way back outside and held the door open for a lady with two children who was trying to get them both inside, she thanked me and said "mind out for the cat! I think he is waiting for someone!"

I looked down and there at the door looking right up at me, very pleased to see me, was the Teddy doppleganger! I bent down and stroked him for a few minutes, he was so like him it was uncanny.

I got back to the car and told my partner, he had seen him walking toward the doctors and said that he even had his distinctive walk. He had noticed the 'coincidence' of the matter too and was amazed that the cat had been waiting just outside the door when I came out.

Now what was going on there?

A clear case of synchronicity, it lead to some deep discussions on the car journey home. And the strange feeling of the dream world bleeding through into this one has stayed with me.

The inside world and the outside world connected that day.

Have you ever had any experiences like that?

I nearly slipped down the cracks
that opened in my reality today.

Fissures in the once solid ground
threatened to swallow me as I passed.

The looming dream world too close for comfort,
infiltrating the light of day.

No longer content with its sleep populated realm,
it tore a hole in the thin fabric that separates
these two different worlds.

Maybe these rips are always there,
hidden, unseen.
But today,
I noticed.

- S.B.

Poem by Susannah Bec - (taken from my poetry blog - Out Of My Ocean)


Anonymous said...

More things in heaven and earth...

I think that cats are particularly gifted in sensing the supranormal.

Susannah said...

I think you are right Viv.

earlybird said...

It's very disturbing when the two worlds get mixed up isn't it. How extraordinary about the cat waiting for you.

Jinksy said...

I am absolutely certain these 'onion skin layers' of worlds are always there, but we only notice them occasionally. I also think time doesn't exist in dreams, so perhaps you were seeing the 'real' cat before he walked into your life, not your own deceased moggy 'after'... Or perhaps they were one and the same... :)

Harry Nicholson said...

Sometimes the walls -'boundaries' - seem to become porous.
Some places and times are 'thin' as the old highland Scots might have said.

There is a part of the Trossachs that is a 'thin place' - sometimes it can be 'felt'.

Mike Patrick said...

The fabric of time and the fabric or our reality may be frayed in places. When holes appear, may it be wonderful or terrible, depending on your reality.

Susannah said...

I didn't realise until now that I hadn't left a message here to thank you all for your comments. Sorry about that and thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to do so. :-)

earlybird, yes it is disturbing and was certainly very strange to see the 'doppleganger' waiting for me! :-)

Jinksy, I am totally with you on - "I am absolutely certain these 'onion skin layers' of worlds are always there, but we only notice them occasionally" - exactly! And no they were definitely two separate cats. Though they could have been twins! :-)

Harry, I think that perfectly describes it, the porous boundaries and 'thin' places.

Mike, I love your description of it being 'frayed' and holes appearing.

Thanks for your comments, they made for intersting reading. x


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