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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Captured Raindrops and a Moment of Magic. . .

"Early morning sunlight casts a perfect silhouette of my lilac tree on the frosted glass
of my kitchen door. Liquid yellow light runs in rivulets across the terracotta floor.
Timing just perfect for my newly opened eyes to catch this beautiful moment.
In minutes the Sun will be higher in the sky and that rare scene will be gone
and no one else will witness the beauty that was in my kitchen this morning."

What a work of art - look at the sublety of shading on those petals.
And the beauty of the centre just takes my breath away!

I suspect that this intricate and pretty flower may be what some folk call a weed?
Not sure what it is but I like it. :-)

And here's our metal chicken. A real part of the garden, so much so,
that the cats often walk up and greet it when we spend time outside. :-)

When we moved here there were lots of things around the garden that had been left by the previous occupants, an old couple. One of them was this old vice and the sturdy hunk of wood it is mounted on. It now sits in the ground in a quiet corner with spring bulbs growing at its feet. This wasn't the only thing that stayed, read about the others here. - Here before we came.

Raindrops on leaves, a rock full of quartz crystal points that was a gift to me from the ocean,
one summer long ago in Cornwall. And there beside it, the tiniest pale blue flower.

"This week i've just been wandering around my garden eating gooseberries
and blackcurrents off of the bush. Mmmm, instant snacks."
- me :-)

More raindrops . . . sitting so perfectly on that green leaf dish.

Now for a splash of colour - our trusty village postbox.

More colour from the fruit in my kitchen.
It made me laugh this week when I found out that my sister Deborah thought
that apricots were baby peaches. :-) - Sorry Deb, I had to share that. x

And now for a moment of magic!

I was sitting at my desk when something caught my eye,
I turned my head and there on the wall just beside me was this
beautiful dancing display of light. I grabbed my camera and snapped
some pictures before it disappeared and the moment was lost. . .

I hope you have all had a good week.

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Happy Sunday everyone. x

Thought of the week

Expect nothing, appreciate everything." - unknown

I am linking this post to week 41 of I Saw Sunday - Why not come and join us? We would love to have you on board and we will make you very welcome....I promise. :-) Come on, join in!


Anonymous said...

What lovely images from your garden...thanks for sharing!! :)

Happy Sunday to you, as well.

earlybird said...

Lovely pictures of your garden, Susannah. You did well to capture that last fleeting green moment. The raindrops are on the leaves of Alchemilla Mollis. They used to fascinate me as a child. My mother always said that Alchemilla Mollis only grows in a happy garden. :)

Morvah said...

It's self heal Susannah - the carpenter's herb, first aid for outdoor wielders of sharp tools! Stops bleeding and cleanses - another Venus herb.
We have inherited some potentially ornamental oddities in our new garden so it's nice to see yours and as for that fairy, I think it must be the nature spirit that lives behind your computer!

Anonymous said...

I think it is so cute that your cats greet the metal chicken. Cats always make me laugh when they do quirky things like that. Your photos make me feel so good. How fortunate you are to have such beauty in your garden!!

120 Socks said...

Lovely post!It is a very special moment the awakening of day!

Ena said...

I love that turtle! (I know, now everyone is thinking, what turtle?!) So cute. Your garden is so pretty :)

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Beautiful photos!

Elizabeth said...

Love all your photos, but especially the rain drops on green leaves and the sparkle array on the wall. You really know how to capture a single moment.


Jinksy said...

Your dancing light angel/fairy had obviously come to say hello! *smiles*

Jinksy said...

Your purple flower spike is an Ajuga. I knew I recognised it, but it took the old brain a while to clank out the answer...

Susannah said...

Hello everyone, it is great to see you here. :-)

Wordescape, welcome and thank you. It is good to 'meet you' I hope you stop by again. :-)

Earlybird, I was so pleased to capture the 'green moment' though I was even more pleased to see it in the first place. :-) Thanks for the name of the alchemilla mollis (I will have to remember that) and for passing on what your mother said, that made me smile, thank you. x

Morvah, thanks for that info. I have looked it up and yes, that is definitely what it is, thank you. I love reading your comments. :-) And I think you are right about the nature spirit, it must have hopped in from the garden. Good to see you. x

Selma, I am glad you liked the cats and the metal chicken (a good title for a childrens story!) It is always good to see you, thanks for popping in. x

120 Socks, thanks for visiting, it is good to meet you. :-)

Ena, I am glad you spotted the turtle. :-) Yes, I love it too. Good to see you again. x

Madeleine, thank you. x

Elizabeth, I was so pleased to capture the sparkle and the raindrops on the leaf looked beautiful. Good to see you. x

Jinksy, yes my dancing light really was a wonderful moment. I am so glad I noticed it. :-) Thanks for the info on the flower but I looked it up and although it is very similar, I think it is 'self heal' as Morvah says. Unless of course they are the same thing? Just shows how little I know about the names of things. ;-) Good to see you. x

LadyCat said...

The colors in your photos are spectacular! I really like the rooster in your garden. We collect roosters and have a stone one in our yard.
Love the quotes : )

Susannah said...

Thanks LadyCat. Good to see you. :-)

Paul Andrew Russell said...

You have a beautiful garden, Susannah. :-)

Susannah said...

Thanks Paul, good to see you. :-)


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